Future of the Project

The Lakou Mizik story will be fully realized through an interactive online platform and an “app.”

We will present our community with a number of ways to experience Haiti through its musicians, each of whom represents a cross section of Haitian life. By using this varied palette of voices, we will paint a unique portrait, rich in texture and fresh in perspective, of the country as it is today, filled with struggle and hope.

Presenting a beautifully shot concert in a classic Haitian outdoor “Lakou” and leading to mini-documentaries of each featured musician and their music, the site will be a journey into Haitian culture and daily life with the musicians acting as our guides to their lives, work, and communities.

We will roll out Lakou Mizik episodes (including a downloadable song, short film and music video) on a monthly basis starting in Summer 2012. eventually releasing an album at the end of the year.

Keep visiting the site as we continue to add music and media and new opportunities to engage.