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Lakou Mizik is a family of like-minded Haitian musicians, proud of our country and inspired by our culture.
We are on a mission to spread our love of Haiti around the world!


Nouvel Lakou - Updates

Lakou Mizik Releases 2016 Kanaval - "Se Ayiti Wi!"  

Happy New Year!

We are so proud to share our 2016 Kanaval - "Se Ayiti Wi!" - The song was written and performed by Lakou Mizik with the help of the students of Artists Institute on Chorus. It was recorded by Ishmael Mevs and François Machiagodenna at Artists Institute and Produced by Lakou Mizik, Artists Institute, PowerSurge and OneWay Productions. Mixed by PowerSurge.

Enjoy and SHARE!



Our new album is Mixed!  

It has been a long timing coming - but we are so excited to announce that the new album is finally mixed and ready to get mastered! We are so grateful for all the passion and talent of our production team Chris Velan and Iestyn Polson who helped us realize this dream. We can't wait to share it with you!

Fundraising Campaign at 30%! Help us reach our goal.  

Hi there - 
Sending much Lakou Mizik New Year Happiness your way! Wow the New Year has come upon so quickly. As the Lakou Mizik song "Is Fa Ti Bo" say's "Jou Bare'm!" - It took me by surprise. We are still working hard to meet our fundraising goals for the album recording. Maybe one of your New Year's resolutions is to listen to more great music from around the world! Pre-Order your album now and maybe give one to a friend! Thanks for your support and Happy New Year - Bon Ane to you and yours. 

Album Funding Campaign Launched TODAY!  

We are so excited to be launching our first ever crowdfunding campaign today on PledgeMusic! We have been working towards this for 3 years and now the dream feels so close. But this album won't be for us alone - the Lakou Mizik album will represent music from all over our country, paying respects to the great Haitian musicians who have inspired us while revitalizing fading traditions and nearly forgotten songs. We are ready to share Haitian Music and Culture around the WORLD! Please join us by clicking HERE

Mesi davans pu tout sipò pa nou! Thank you in advance for all your support!

Lakou Mizik - Zach, Steeve, Zao, Jonas, Nadine, Woulele, Allen, James, Tipiti and Christian!

Miami Mini Tour - Thank You! 

We just got back from an amazing tour in Miami and Boynton Beach FL. Our first time ever out of Haiti as a band! Big thank you to tout moun at the Rhythm Foundation, Big Night in Little Haiti, Tambour Cafe and the Little Haiti Cultural Center for all the generosity and faith you showed in us! Zazou and Salusa poets and promoters extraordinaire - nou pa janm bliye tout efò nou te fe pou nou!

Tour highlights - Too many. But, the one that will stay with all band members the most - on Friday night only Steeve, Sanba Zao and Allen Juste had arrived safely. The other 6 members never having been out of Haiti before were stuck in never ending immigration screening at the Airport. The show started at 8pm. Manager Zach was still waiting for the 6 to emerge at 8:20. Steeve, Allen and Zao take the stage at the Little Haiti Cultural Center as a trio - playing great but worried about the others. One song finishes no band. 2nd song finishes... at the start of the 3rd song... "Panana Ma'm Tonbe" someone in the audience calls out "you're great but I wish you were all here!" ... The song starts... Steeve starts to sing and all of the sudden the 6 band members emerge to huge applause as Nadine belts out her part "Mwen soti la vil Jakmel..." 

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