Lakou Mizik project is a multi-media celebration of Haitian music and culture.

Centered on a new album of classic Haitian music and the stories of the musicians recording the songs, Lakou Mizik is a unique portal for the world to experience the strength and beauty of Haiti.

Haitian musicians have always played the role of journalists and historians, documenting the country’s history and helping to shape its path forward. Whether expressing through Vodou rhythms, or voicing political frustrations and daily difficulties of through the Troubadou and Racine traditions, music has always been at the core of Haiti’s identity.

Today a young generation of artists is keeping this musical tradition strong, speaking the truth to those in power and narrating the world they live in through music made in their neighborhoods, villages, and post-earthquake camps.

By giving our community the chance to experience the country’s vibrant music and media, along with a personal connection to the hardships most Haitians face, we are giving the world a reason to continue to care about positive change in the country.

The “Lakou Mizik” project will bring an older generation of musicians together with their younger counterparts to reinterpret classic Haitian folk and protest songs on the recording of a new album. Building from a base of traditional instrumentation, the songs will incorporate updated lyrics and creative production to keep the music both rooted in the past and resonant in the present.

“Lakou Mizik” will give new meaning and new life to songs that have informed and entertained Haitians for generations while introducing the world to the beautiful musical heritage and continued cultural strength of the country